特集 トランプツイッター(トランプのつぶやき)
We will see what happens!
現地時間 3/6 8:05
(金正恩政権で初の韓国特使訪朝に関して) 先行きを見守ろう!

We are getting it done - jobs and security!
現地時間 3/6 8:02
2023年までに米国が世界一の産油国に: IEA

Total inaction on DACA by Dems. Where are you? A deal can be made!
現地時間 3/6 8:00
DACAに関し民主党からは全く反応がない。どこにいるんだ? 交渉しよう!

The new Fake News narrative is that there is CHAOS in the White House. Wrong! People will always come & go, and I want strong dialogue before making a final decision. I still have some people that I want to change (always seeking perfection). There is no Chaos, only great Energy!
現地時間 3/6 7:55
また偽ニュースはホワイトハウス内の混乱ぶりを報道している。違う!色々な人々が常に出入りしているが、最終決定まで私はとことん議論したいのだ。考えを変えてもらいたい人がまだいるんだ(常に完璧を求めて) 。混乱など起きていない、ただ白熱しているだけだ!

It’s March 5th and the Democrats are nowhere to be found on DACA. Gave them 6 months, they just don’t care. Where are they? We are ready to make a deal!
現地時間 3/5 15:37

Why did the Obama Administration start an investigation into the Trump Campaign (with zero proof of wrongdoing) long before the Election in November? Wanted to discredit so Crooked H would win. Unprecedented. Bigger than Watergate! Plus, Obama did NOTHING about Russian meddling.
現地時間 3/5 8:22
オバマ政権はなぜ11月の選挙のずっと前にトランプ陣営への捜査を始めたのだろう(不正の証拠もないまま)? いかさまヒラリーを勝たせるために評判を落としたかったのか。ウォーターゲートより大掛かりだ!しかもオバマはロシアの選挙介入に関し何もしなかった。

To protect our Country we must protect American Steel! #AMERICA FIRST
現地時間 3/5 7:57

...treat our farmers much better. Highly restrictive. Mexico must do much more on stopping drugs from pouring into the U.S. They have not done what needs to be done. Millions of people addicted and dying.
現地時間 3/5 6:53

We have large trade deficits with Mexico and Canada. NAFTA, which is under renegotiation right now, has been a bad deal for U.S.A. Massive relocation of companies & jobs. Tariffs on Steel and Aluminum will only come off if new & fair NAFTA agreement is signed. Also, Canada must..
現地時間 3/5 6:47

We are on the losing side of almost all trade deals. Our friends and enemies have taken advantage of the U.S. for many years. Our Steel and Aluminum industries are dead. Sorry, it’s time for a change! MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!
現地時間 3/3 19:10

The Gridiron Dinner last night was great fun. I am accomplishing a lot in Washington and have never had a better time doing something, and especially since this is for the American People!
現地時間 3/4 12:42

(注) ジャーナリストが集まる夕食会の演説でトランプ氏は「クシュナーがセキュリティに引っかかり我々は遅れたよ」等、側近やメディア、金正恩に関するジョークを飛ばした。

If the E.U. wants to further increase their already massive tariffs and barriers on U.S. companies doing business there, we will simply apply a Tax on their Cars which freely pour into the U.S. They make it impossible for our cars (and more) to sell there. Big trade imbalance!
現地時間 3/3 12:53・日本時間3日深夜

The United States has an $800 Billion Dollar Yearly Trade Deficit because of our “very stupid” trade deals and policies. Our jobs and wealth are being given to other countries that have taken advantage of us for years. They laugh at what fools our leaders have been. No more!
現地時間 3/3 12:43・日本時間3日深夜

Mainstream Media in U.S. is being mocked all over the world. They’ve gone CRAZY!
現地時間 3/3 12:33・日本時間3日深夜
[トランプJr.のツイートより: マーク・レビン: 「マスコミのトランプと家族への中傷は米国史上前代未聞!」(conservative Review記事引用) ]

Happy National Anthem Day!
現地時間 3/3 9:15・日本時間3日夜
[自身のツイートより: (CPACでの演説) 我々は国旗を掲揚し、胸に手を当て忠誠を誓う。そして国歌斉唱で誇り高く起立する。]

現地時間 3/2 14:48・日本時間3日早朝

When a country Taxes our products coming in at, say, 50%, and we Tax the same product coming into our country at ZERO, not fair or smart. We will soon be starting RECIPROCAL TAXES so that we will charge the same thing as they charge us. $800 Billion Trade Deficit-have no choice!
現地時間 3/2 8:57・日本時間2日夜

We must protect our country and our workers. Our steel industry is in bad shape. IF YOU DON’T HAVE STEEL, YOU DON’T HAVE A COUNTRY!
現地時間 3/2 8:01・日本時間2日夜

Eric, we are all with you and your family! Look forward to seeing you back on T.V.
現地時間 3/2 6:18・日本時間2日夜
(エリック・ボーリングのツイートより: オピオイド中毒に関する会合の模様はこちら。拡散願います。)

(注) 同氏は会合でオピオイド過剰摂取で亡くなった息子の話を披露した。

Alec Baldwin, whose dying mediocre career was saved by his terrible impersonation of me on SNL, now says playing me was agony. Alec, it was agony for those who were forced to watch. Bring back Darrell Hammond, funnier and a far greater talent!
現地時間 3/2 6:07・日本時間2日夜

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