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“Precisely the same program that the Democrats are trying to Impeach President Trump for supposedly slow walking, tomorrow, right here in the Senate, they (the Dems) say they’re going to filibuster for the exact same program.” @senatemajldr Mitch McConnell. Do Nothing Democrats!

現地時間 10/30 10:32

Yesterday’s Never Trumper witness could find NO Quid Pro Quo in the Transcript of the phone call. There were many people listening to the call. How come they (including the President of Ukraine) found NOTHING wrong with it. Witch Hunt!

現地時間 10/30 8:59
昨日のアンチトランプ証言者は、電話記録から見返りがあったとの証拠を示せなかった。電話会談を聞いていた人が多くいたのだとしたら、彼ら(ウクライナ大統領を含む) がこれを問題ないとしたのは何故だ? 魔女狩りだ!

A Federal Judge is allowing the Nick Sandman libel suit to move forward against the thoroughly disgusting Washington Post (which is no longer available at the White House!). He could now have a good chance of winning. Go Nick!

現地時間 10/30 8:26
連邦判事は、腹立たしいワシントンポスト(ホワイトハウスではもう購読していない!) に反し、ニック・サンドマン名誉毀損裁判を進めるよう許可した。彼は今なら勝つ見込みが十分ある。行けニック!

“It does appear it has to do with Nancy Pelosi retaining her Speakership in the next Congress. She would like that so she’s going to put it to a vote because that’s what her political left really wants.” @SteveDoocy @foxandfriends A disgraceful use of Impeachment. Will backfire!

現地時間 10/30 8:17
「ナンシー・ペロシが次の議会で議長職を継続させることと関係あるようだ。そうするため、投票に持ち込むつもりなのだ。」スティーブ・ドオシー(FOX&Friends司会) 恥さらしな弾劾の使い方だ。逆効果だ!

The Greatest Economy in American History!

現地時間 10/30 7:38

Republicans are very unified and energized in our fight on the Impeachment Hoax with the Do Nothing Democrats, and now are starting to go after the Substance even more than the very infair Process because just a casual reading of the Transcript leads EVERYBODY to see that..... .....the call with the Ukrainian President was a totally appropriate one. As he said, “No Pressure.” This Impeachment nonsense is just a continuation of the Witch Hunt Hoax, which has been going on since before I even got elected. Rupublicans, go with Substance and close it out!

現地時間 10/30 7:32
共和党は非常に団結し、民主党の弾劾調査への反発でエネルギーが漲っており、今は不公平なプロセスそのものよりも、中身に重点をおいて追求している。記録を読むだけで誰でもわかることだ。 大統領との電話は全く適切なものだった。彼が言ったように圧力はなかった。この弾劾は、私が大統領になる以前から続く魔女狩り詐欺の延長でしかない。共和党は調査の穴を突き、うまく対処しよう!

Nervous Nancy Pelosi is doing everything possible to destroy the Republican Party. Our Polls show that it is going to be just the opposite. The Do Nothing Dems will lose many seats in 2020. They have a Death Wish, led by a corrupt politician, Adam Schiff!

現地時間 10/29 11:14

“Over in Europe and Japan they have NEGATIVE RATES. They get paid to borrow money. Don’t we have to follow our competitors?” @Varneyco Yes we do. The Fed doesn’t have a clue! We have unlimited potential, only held back by the Federal Reserve. But we are winning anyway!

現地時間 10/29 11:13

Consumer Confidence number very good. Housing sales in September up nicely. Economy Rocks!

現地時間 10/29 10:12

A great new book just out, “The Plot Against the President. The True Story Of How Congressman Devin Nunez Uncovered the Biggest Political Scandal In U.S. History.” Shows very bad and corrupt people on the other side. Check it out!

現地時間 10/29 9:34

Just confirmed that Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s number one replacement has been terminated by American troops. Most likely would have taken the top spot - Now he is also Dead!

現地時間 10/29 9:29

95% Approval Rating in the Republican Party, a record. Thank you!

現地時間 10/29 9:20

Supposedly, according to the Corrupt Media, the Ukraine call “concerned” today’s Never Trumper witness. Was he on the same call that I was? Can’t be possible! Please ask him to read the Transcript of the call. Witch Hunt!

現地時間 10/29 9:09
腐敗メディアによると、思った通り、今日のアンチ・トランプの証言でウクライナとの電話会談が問題ありとされていたという。彼は私の電話を直接聞いていたのか? あり得ない!彼に電話記録を読むよう言ってくれ。魔女狩りだ!

(注) ホワイトハウス高官、アレクサンダー・ビンドマン中佐が新たに下院委員会で証言。

How many more Never Trumpers will be allowed to testify about a perfectly appropriate phone call when all anyone has to do is READ THE TRANSCRIPT! I knew people were listening in on the call (why would I say something inappropriate?), which was fine with me, but why so many?

現地時間 10/29 8:47
完璧な電話の記録を読むだけで良いのだ!電話を誰かが聞いていたのは分かっている (その状況で不適切な発言ができるだろう?) これ自体は致し方ない。だがなぜそんなに多くの人が?

The Do Nothing Democrats are working hard to make everyone forget the Best Economy Ever, the monumental weekend raid, Tax Cuts, the Rebuilding of our Military, etc. The Impeachment Hoax is a disgrace. Read the transcript!

現地時間 10/29 8:25

Where’s the Whistleblower? Just read the Transcript, everything else is made up garbage by Shifty Schiff and the Never Trumpers!

現地時間 10/29 8:19
内部告発者はどこだ? 記録を読むのだ。それ以外のシフや反対派が作ったものはでっち上げだ!

A great book by a great guy. Get it now!

現地時間 10/29 7:48

Correct, a total scam!

現地時間 10/29 7:44

Why are people that I never even heard of testifying about the call. Just READ THE CALL TRANSCRIPT AND THE IMPEACHMENT HOAX IS OVER! Ukrain said NO PRESSURE.

現地時間 10/29 7:42

“This is a big win for America, and also for President Trump.” @nypost

現地時間 10/29 0:06

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