特集 トランプツイッター(トランプのつぶやき)
No Lindsey, it was a sign of strength that some people just don’t understand!

現地時間 9/17 20:06

The New York Times is now blaming an editor for the horrible mistake they made in trying to destroy or influence Justice Brett Kavanaugh. It wasn’t the editor, the Times knew everything. They are sick and desperate, losing in so many ways!

現地時間 9/17 19:58


現地時間 9/17 14:22
コーリー・ルワンドウスキ(元側近) による(下院司法委員会) 冒頭陳述。

Such a beautiful Opening Statement by Corey Lewandowski! Thank you Corey! @CLewandowski_

現地時間 9/17 13:49
コーリー・ルワンドウスキ(元側近) による素晴らしい(下院司法委員会) 冒頭陳述だ!ありがとうコーリー!

Just departed New Mexico for California, where we are delivering results!

現地時間 9/17 13:05

The New York Times is at its lowest point in its long and storied history. Not only is it losing a lot of money, but it is a journalistic disaster, being laughed at even in the most liberal of enclaves. It has become a very sad joke all all over the World. Witch Hunt hurt them... ....”That story (Kavanaugh) is nowhere near the standard that should be met in publishing a story.” @brithume @FoxNews

現地時間 9/17 11:12

If you want to stop the drug smugglers, human traffickers, and vicious MS-13 gang members from threatening our communities and poisoning our youth, you have only one choice - you must elect more REPUBLICANS! #KAG2020

現地時間 9/16 23:49

We are all united by the same love of Country, the same devotion to family, and the same profound faith that America is blessed by the eternal grace of ALMIGHTY GOD! Bound by these convictions, we will campaign for every vote & we will WIN the Great State of NEW MEXICO in 2020!

現地時間 9/16 23:42

Beautiful evening in New Mexico with Great American Patriots!

現地時間 9/16 23:38


現地時間 9/16 18:49

On my way to New Mexico - see you all shortly at the @StarCenter! #KAG2020 instagram.com/p/B2fP1cmB9XD/…

現地時間 9/16 18:48

I call for the Resignation of everybody at The New York Times involved in the Kavanaugh SMEAR story, and while you’re at it, the Russian Witch Hunt Hoax, which is just as phony! They’ve taken the Old Grey Lady and broken her down, destroyed her virtue and ruined her reputation... ...She can never recover, and will never return to Greatness, under current Management. The Times is DEAD, long live The New York Times!

現地時間 9/16 18:40
タイムズ紙のカバノーの汚名記事に加担したもの全ての辞任を要求する。一方のロシア疑惑の魔女狩りもでっち上げだ!老人女性を連れだし嘘を強要し、彼女の名誉を汚したのだ。 彼女は当時を覚えてさえいない。この状態ではかつての偉大さには戻れない、タイムズ紙はもう終わりだ、タイムズ紙万歳!

(注) カバノー氏の大学時代の女性暴行疑惑に関する本が出版予定。タイムズ紙の報道で暴行疑惑が再燃。

“How many stories are wrong? Almost all of the stories the New York Times has done are inaccurate and wrong.” @greggutfeld The New York Times should close its doors and throw away the keys. The women mentioned in the Kavanaugh story said she didn’t even remember the event.

現地時間 9/16 17:13

Congratulations @MarianoRivera!

現地時間 9/16 16:59

This afternoon at the @WhiteHouse, it was my great honor to present our nation’s highest civilian honor, the Presidential Medal of Freedom, to American baseball legend @MarianoRivera. Congratulations on this extraordinary achievement, Mo!

現地時間 9/16 15:26
今日午後ホワイトハウスにて、球界のレジェンド マリアノ・リベラに対し市民の最高勲章となる大統領自由勲章を授与し光栄であった。素晴らしい偉業におめでとう!

Thank you, working hard! #KAG2020

現地時間 9/16 15:16

Big crowd expected in New Mexico tonight, where we will WIN. Your Border Wall is getting stronger each and every day - see you in a few hours!

現地時間 9/16 14:57

In a short while I will be presenting the New York @Yankees @MarianoRivera, the greatest relief pitcher (Closer!) of all time, with the Presidential Medal of Freedom in the East Room of the @WhiteHouse!

現地時間 9/16 13:59

They failed on the Mueller Report, they failed on Robert Mueller’s testimony, they failed on everything else, so now the Democrats are trying to build a case that I enrich myself by being President. Good idea, except I will, and have always expected to, lose BILLIONS of DOLLARS.. ....for the privilege of being your President - and doing the best job that has been done in many decades. I am far beyond somebody paying for a hotel room for the evening, or filling up a gas tank at an airport I do not own. These Radical Left Democrats are CRAZY! Obama Netflix?

現地時間 9/16 10:01

“Democrats would rather talk about gun control than get something done.” Governor John Sununu @FoxNews @BillHemmer The big questions are, will they “move the goalposts” and, is this just a ploy to TAKE YOUR GUNS AWAY? I hope NOT on both counts, but I’ll be able to figure it out!

現地時間 9/16 9:35

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