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The golf world has lost a legend in five-time Open Championship winner Peter Thomson. READ: po.st/061918Thomson
現地時間 6/20 0:11

(注) オーストラリア人として初めて全英オープンを制覇。近年パーキンソン病を患っていた。

“FBI texts have revealed anti-Trump Bias.” @FoxNews Big News, but the Fake News doesn’t want to cover. Total corruption - the Witch Hunt has turned out to be a scam! At some point soon the Mainstream Media will have to cover correctly, too big a story!
現地時間 6/20 10:00
「FBI(捜査官) によるメッセージ会話で反トランプ偏向が露呈」とFOXニュース。大ニュースだが、偽ニュースは報道しない。完全な腐敗だ。魔女狩りは偽装と判明した!いずれ主流メディアが正しく報道しなければならなくなる、それ程大ニュースなのだ!

It is hard to believe that the historic North Korea / Kim Jong Un summit was exactly one week ago. Truly amazing to see the lengths the left / the media will go through to change the narrative.
現地時間 6/20 8:57

It’s the Democrats fault, they won’t give us the votes needed to pass good immigration legislation. They want open borders, which breeds horrible crime. Republicans want security. But I am working on something - it never ends!
現地時間 6/20 9:41

The Fake News is not mentioning the safety and security of our Country when talking about illegal immigration. Our immigration laws are the weakest and worst anywhere in the world, and the Dems will do anything not to change them & to obstruct-want open borders which means crime!
現地時間 6/20 8:25

現地時間 6/19 22:36

Earlier today, @FLOTUS Melania and I were honored to welcome King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia of Spain to the @WhiteHouse!
現地時間 6/19 22:17

Homeland Security @SecNielsen did a fabulous job yesterday at the press conference explaining security at the border and for our country, while at the same time recommending changes to obsolete & nasty laws, which force family separation. We want “heart” and security in America!
現地時間 6/19 21:06

I want to take a moment to address the current illegal immigration crisis on the Southern Border...it has been going on for many, many decades...
現地時間 6/19 14:04
(動画: NFIBでの演説)

現地時間 6/19 13:35
NFIB (全米独立企業連盟) ありがとう。#NFIB75周年

Join me tomorrow in Duluth, Minnesota for a #MAGA Rally! Tickets: donaldjtrump.com/rallies/duluth…
現地時間 6/19 11:22

#CHANGETHELAWS Now is the best opportunity ever for Congress to change the ridiculous and obsolete laws on immigration. Get it done, always keeping in mind that we must have strong border security.
現地時間 6/19 10:11

We must always arrest people coming into our Country illegally. Of the 12,000 children, 10,000 are being sent by their parents on a very dangerous trip, and only 2000 are with their parents, many of whom have tried to enter our Country illegally on numerous occasions.
現地時間 6/19 10:07

Democrats are the problem. They don’t care about crime and want illegal immigrants, no matter how bad they may be, to pour into and infest our Country, like MS-13. They can’t win on their terrible policies, so they view them as potential voters!
現地時間 6/19 9:52

If you don’t have Borders, you don’t have a Country!
現地時間 6/19 9:52

Crime in Germany is up 10% plus (officials do not want to report these crimes) since migrants were accepted. Others countries are even worse. Be smart America!
現地時間 6/19 9:52

I can’t think of something more concerning than a law enforcement officer suggesting that their going to use their powers to affect an election!” Inspector General Horowitz on what was going on with numerous people regarding my election. A Rigged Witch Hunt!p
現地時間 6/19 9:52

Comey gave Strozk his marching orders. Mueller is Comey’s best friend. Witch Hunt!
現地時間 6/18 11:27

If President Obama (who got nowhere with North Korea and would have had to go to war with many millions of people being killed) had gotten along with North Korea and made the initial steps toward a deal that I have, the Fake News would have named him a national hero!
現地時間 6/18 10:57
オバマ元大統領 (北朝鮮問題を解決出来ず、何百万人の死者を出す戦争をしかねなかった) が北朝鮮との関係を改善し、私がしたような合意を成立させていたとしたら、偽ニュースは彼を国の英雄と讃えていたであろう!

It is the Democrats fault for being weak and ineffective with Boarder Security and Crime. Tell them to start thinking about the people devastated by Crime coming from illegal immigration. Change the laws!
現地時間 6/18 9:53

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